Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bathroom Remodel Part 2 - Finished - The ETSY Edition!

So...remember when the bathroom looked like this?

Bathroom Remodel 1 - Ripping Out this?

Bathroom Remodel 2 - New Subfloor

For the whole story and Remodel, Part One, go here.



The same shot, finished bathroom!

So...buckle your seat belts for a tour of the finished bathroom, highlighting some of the wonderful etsy shops that I shopped at to furnish my sanctuary.

First of all, my tub. For as long as I can remember, I wanted a claw-foot tub. A porcelain, heavy, happy tub. One of the families I used to sit for had one. I loved waiting until the kids were asleep, filling it as far as I could and just relaxing. A porcelain tub wasn't in the cards though, as the bathroom is on the second floor and above the kitchen. So, one day while in Lowe's, I spotted this lovely French soaker tub on sale. Lucky for me, it was also acrylic, so getting it upstairs was easy and lessened worries about being on the second floor. Especially once you add me and 30+ gallons of water!

My Happy Place

It is the perfect spot for reading, watching a thunderstorm roll in - or simply relaxing....

Although I don't use it often, it does have the French shower attachment. I just <3 everything about my tub....

French Shower

You can't have the perfect tub without the perfect mantra for your sanctuary. This is mine. I picked the color to co-ordinate with my other artwork and love how the profile looks exactly like the tub itself!

Keep Calm ....

I bought it from The Keep Calm Shop on Etsy.


I have three globes with air plants above the tub. They are hung at various heights with transite {fancy jewelry term for fishing line ;)} and beaded with some beads from my stash. It really bothered me that they weren't all level at first, but I'm so type A sometimes I have to force myself to let it go. This was one of those instances.

So far, the air plants are pretty happy.

Happy Plant

I was advised to place them in indirect sunlight, which works perfectly for the bathroom so far. It gets morning light, which is diffused by some tall trees between the house and barn.

And because I <3 my little plants, another shot.

Another happy air plant.

I got the plants from the very efficient CTS Airplants on etsy. The glass globes came from Succulents Galore on etsy.

Next to the tub is the mirror and vanity with sink.

Mirror, Mirror

The mirror itself and the little shelf below it came from Lowe's. I knew that I wanted some small apothecary-type jars to store Q-tips, cotton balls and makeup wedges. I looked for 3 weeks. Saw some I really liked at JoAnn's one day, but didn't buy them. Then I came across a darling set of 3.


I got them from Fortyone North on etsy. She's moving right now, so her shop isn't open. Once it is though, you should check it out.

The vanity is new, but we were able to save the old water handles from the previous vanity. Now it matches the bathtub too!

The Little Things

I try to keep the sink top pretty sparse. Other than some lotion, the only other thing that always lives here is the soap. Although we use plenty of liquid soap in the house, I am a bar soap fan. I prefer and own plenty of it. So, I needed a soap dish.

Soap Home

After searching for a while, I came across BPR Designs on etsy, a gorgeous shop that sells handmade glass soap dishes in a variety of colors. I found the perfect one in their stock in this turquoise, teal and white striped dish.

Across from the vanity is some more artwork and my diy driftwood jewelry keeper.


I have always found seahorses fascinating. I'm not sure why. If I were a more focused person, I would love to have a tank full of them. But I'm not. So, in order to keep seahorses alive and healthy, I do not. But I can have this adorable print that matched my color scheme perfectly!


I found this darling print in the appropriately named Sea Urchin Studio.

Another thing I looked forever for on etsy was a jewelry hanger/keeper/tree of some sort or another. I couldn't find *exactly* what I was looking for, so after finding a prime piece of driftwood - I made my own!

Jewelry Keeper

It was too easy! I put two sawtooth hangers on the back and then spaced out 5 white, screw-in small cup-hooks.

Jewelry Keeper Detail

Back to the other side of the room and we're almost done with our etsy tour! Right by the door, and to the right of the vanity is the toilet. But wait - what is that on the toilet?

Moby's Home

Is that a whale? Yes, yes it is! His name is .... Moby! Yes, I know, that's terribly predictable - but look at him - doesn't he look like a Moby?

Happy Moby

Moby came to me from Sparkly Pony on etsy. She has a whole pod of other whales and some other creatures that you can adopt and give a lovely home to too!

Almost done, and I've saved the item that I use the most for last. As previously stated, I like to keep the vanity top clean and I don't want to rummage for a lot of things in the vanity. I'm not a tidy person. I admit it. But, if you give me the right tools and storage, I can fake being a neat person pretty well. This helps in all of those categories.

Make-up Organizer

This is my make-up organizer. This came from the really sweet people at Black Forest Cottage. They make tons of jewelry/mail organizers from printer's boxes and are willing to customize for you and really work with you. I cannot recommend them enough!

I love this piece. Here you can see some of my LUSH and SoniaK stash.


My bathroom really is my sanctuary. Although it's not the room I spend the most time in (thank you kitchen!), it is my favorite. Everyone should have a sanctuary, even if it's small (this room is maybe 6'x10'). The most important part is making it your own. Thanks to all these wonderful etsy artisans, I did just that!