Sunday, February 10, 2013

February Finished!

Although I'm editing this in March, February's task is finished - the Apache Wedding Blessing is finally done!

Apache Wedding Blessing 9

I also finished two birthday blocks!

Here is Cari's block. She chose purple, black, grey and white, quilter's choice, so I found this pattern called "Woven Ribbons" that I may use in a year or so with different colors.

Woven Ribbons

The next block is Ralu's. It is from a McCall's pattern and is called "Best of All". I was initially a little scared of all the pieces as I hate detailed piecing. But, with a scant 1/4" seam, and pressing all my seams open it worked perfectly, and came in at the right size. I find it really striking, too!

Ralu's Block

I also have a bonus finish of the binding getting sewn on the pink and brown quilt. That'll be posted soon too, I just need a not freezing day to get it outside to take a picture!

January Bonuses

I also managed two needlework finishes for January and I just got one back from the framer.

Barnwood Buttons

This is Barnwood Buttons by Rosewood Manor. Although there are lots of things I don't like about this piece, I do love the fact that I was able to use up some silk I already had on hand. I also love that I was able to incorporate some antique buttons that I've inherited into this piece.
You can see some of the detail on the buttons here.

Barnwood Buttons Left

And here.

Barnwood Buttons Right

And the quote, just resonates. I appreciate it even more having been in Muir Woods.

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world." - John Muir.

Or this gem, from Mount Rainier National Park,
Muir Quote

I also have a hardanger class finish from the month. It's the third hardanger class I've done and I'm really enjoying it. This piece is 1/4 that will be done over the year 2013 and framed together.

Cranberry Wreath