Thursday, May 30, 2013

13 for 2013 - May Finishes!

For May, I only had a couple of little projects to get done, but I also had a couple of bonus finishes as well.

My big project was to finally make a curtain for the top of the stairs. It's a North facing window that doesn't get a *ton* of sun, I just hated constantly walking by it looking so naked, so I know it needed something.


Voila! It's nothing special, but it covers up a blank space in my mind, just a nice valance-sized half-covering.

May's next project was another Birthday Block. Originally I had two slated for this month, but someone dropped out of the swap, so I only had to do one. This block actually used a template, which was interesting, but I'm happy with the finished result. The swapper for this block asked for Hufflepuff colors, so I was happy to do this yellow and black version.

Aalia's Block

My next finish was a baby quilt for my friends Jeff and Kim (of the Wedding Quilt That Almost Wasn't. I used left-over scraps from another much-maligned project (I Don't Like My Child). I have to say, this grandchild, I like very much. :)

Pinwheels for Baby

Even the back is adorable!

Pinwheels back

I knew as soon as I finished it, I wanted clouds to be featured in the quilting. Luckily my quilter had this great pantograph of clouds!

Clouds detail baby quilt bonus. Time for another one. I have a special relationship with this quilt. I really consider this piece to be my "return to quilting" piece.

Owl City

As a lot of quilts, this one started with fabric. All that gorgeous Michael Miller owl fabric from 2 falls ago. I think I bought 2 whole yards of it. Why? I don't know, I just *had* to have it. I didn't know why I had to have it until I awoke from a dead sleep, grabbed my bedside pad and sketched out the rough idea for this quilt.

Front Detail

See? Aren't those owls adorable? What about that quilting? Clouds and stars, come on? It doesn't get any better than that!

Since I loved those owls so much, and bought so much fabric, the back was easy!

Owl City Back

One more shot, because I can....

Back Detail

I love how you can kind of see the ombre of the thread in this one, it's a yellow/orange blend, which ended up working out so perfectly.

So, for now, it will be a fall wall-hanging. Until there's a baby to wrap it in, someday.

That's all in my productive May! Onto June!