Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Feature - WIP Wednesday!

Okay, so I'm barely making the Wednesday deadline, but today is WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday. This is where I show you what I've been working on craft-wise. What decides which project I feature here? How much progress I've made since the last time sillies!

So, today's project is a cross-stitch piece I started forever ago.

Polar Bear 1

This is the first picture I have of this project, taken in 2009. I started it way before then though. I don't exactly remember when, if it was before college or after. I definitely remember working on it somewhere in the 2001-2003 realm.

Polar Bear 9

This is where I am today. Even in just under a month, I've added a lot.

Polar Bear 9 - Detail

Most notably these adorable little polar bear cubs. See how the back-stitching makes them pop?


So, remember to tune in on Friday for Food Friday where I reveal this week's CSA share!

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