Saturday, March 31, 2012

12 for 2012 - March Extra Bonus!

So, I was really productive in March. In addition to all the other finishes I've shown you, I've been taking a class at my LNS. It was my introduction to canvaswork and I really enjoyed it!

This piece will go in the bedroom, along with a companion piece that I have yet to start stitching, but the colors are just perfect. Despite the pattern being off in a couple of places and my counting being off in a couple more, I don't think anyone will notice....


And, since I really enjoyed this piece, a couple more shots.

Center Motif

This is the center motif. I'm really proud of my couching here. I didn't intentionally mean for my squiggle to look like a S, but now I can't see anything else in it.

Bargello work

This is the border of one of the ribbon and bargello sections. I really like how the colors work together, although I do think the watercolor gets lost in some of the green and ribbon sections. What do you think?


  1. This is really pretty! I really like the colours. I do agree the ribbon gets a tiny bit lost in two of the green sections, BUT it kind of looks intention, as if you were aiming for a very subtle variation.

    I've never done anything counted like this before and it looks both stunning and like a lot of work :D

    (PS this is clumsy-chord from LJ)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I totally thought you intended the squiggle to be an S. : )