Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Year Three -- Week One: Let the Season Begin!!

So, back with The Good Food Collective for the 2012 season - and *so* excited.

This year, I am going to try a different presentation here. Pick-up is on Tuesdays this year, which really works for me, I think. So, this year, I'm going to post the picture on Wednesday at the latest with what we've gotten that week.

Throughout the week I'll update the main post with what I ended up doing with the items, or there will be a recipe post or two if I try something new. That's the goal.'s to a GOOD 2012!

Week One

Looking back to last year's share here - it's pretty similar - just sub the bok choy for radishes!

1QT strawberries
1 large head lettuce
1 small bunch beets
1 medium bunch radishes
1 bag garlic scapes
2 leeks
1 large bunch swiss chard
a few springs oregano
a small handful lemon balm

What I Did:

Strawberries: Snacking and breakfast. I love sliced strawberries in cereal. Also used the last bits with some angel food cake.

Lettuce: Salads, salads, salads.

Radishes: I'm not sure *why* I love radishes - I just do! I've been eating them in my lunches. Some of them went into salads and a few of them also went into a stir-fry. Interestingly enough, they lose most of their heat cooked, and are akin to a water chestnut texture wise.

Garlic Scapes: Used a handful sauteed up with some swiss chard, rendered fat and Parmesan Cheese for a side dish for a grass fed steak. I also used a couple (3) in a Quiche that I made over the weekend. The rest were used in pesto.

Leeks: I used one whole leek in the aforementioned Quiche and one leek in pesto.

Swiss Chard: Used 2/3rds of it in the above mentioned sauteed side dish. The remaining 1/3rd I used in a Quiche dish for the weekend. I actually made so much Quiche that I had to gift one!

Oregano: Since there really wasn't much of it, it went in the Quiche as well!

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