Sunday, February 10, 2013

February Finished!

Although I'm editing this in March, February's task is finished - the Apache Wedding Blessing is finally done!

Apache Wedding Blessing 9

I also finished two birthday blocks!

Here is Cari's block. She chose purple, black, grey and white, quilter's choice, so I found this pattern called "Woven Ribbons" that I may use in a year or so with different colors.

Woven Ribbons

The next block is Ralu's. It is from a McCall's pattern and is called "Best of All". I was initially a little scared of all the pieces as I hate detailed piecing. But, with a scant 1/4" seam, and pressing all my seams open it worked perfectly, and came in at the right size. I find it really striking, too!

Ralu's Block

I also have a bonus finish of the binding getting sewn on the pink and brown quilt. That'll be posted soon too, I just need a not freezing day to get it outside to take a picture!


  1. Your block for Ralu turned out really nice.

  2. That last block is striking. Wohoo for getting the better of the piecing! : )

    Also I've tagged you for a blog award/meme. : ) If you would ike to play along you can see the post here