Sunday, September 25, 2011

CSA Year Two -- Week Thirteen

I'm going to try and power through three weeks' worth today, so here we go!

Week Thirteen Fruit

Fruit Share
Pears, Apples, Plums: Other than putting up some apple sauce, See the previous week. Yes, seriously. I'm only going to waste your time telling you about the new things I'm going to do. :)

Week Thirteen

1 handful lettuce
3 tomatoes (hiding again)
1 handful green beans (I don't remember getting green beans this late in the season, but I won't complain!)
4 beets
2 small summer squash
2 large cucumbers
1 butternut squash
4 peppers (two each red/green)
4 Gala apples
4 peaches
1 handful each parsley & rosemary

Lettuce: Salads. Eat at least one, sometimes two a week for dinner.

Tomatoes: In aforementioned salads and I am feeling a pesto/veggie pizza.

Green Beans: Possibly in a stir-fry since there aren't a ton of these, just a small handful.

Beets: Same as last week, but I'm kind of feeling another stab at a grain based salad, I just have to make sure that they are *really* cooked thoroughly this time.

Summer Squash:I am definitely on board with this summer/fall/pesto/veggie pizza idea...

Cucumbers: They're large and I'm tired of cucumber noodles. I think probably back to salads. I should also try to snack on them.

Butternut Squash: Usually I just cook this and make broth out of it, or puree it. But I am actually trying to think of a soup with some sausage and croutons in it for this one...

Peppers: There are tons of these right now. I think I may try and freeze some this year.

Apples: Gala are one of my favorite varieties of apple. So lunches.

Peaches: The peaches are already canned. In the yummy cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, clove syrup.

Herbs: I use Rosemary in everything. Probably on the pizza. I have to say I am getting parsley overload though, a little tired of it. :-\

Now I'm only one down....I *will* get caught up by the end of the day, I'm determined.....

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