Saturday, February 18, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Update - a Finish!

Since I don't have anything to show that I've progressed greatly on lately, and I'm waiting 'til the end of the month to show you my "bonus finishes" for February's 12 in 2012...I'll show you a WIP Wednesday featured here that I never showed you finished!

Back in July, I featured a piece that I was hand-quilting here.

Well, it is finished! Well, it has been finished since just before Thanksgiving, but I never came back to show you. So - here it is!

Modern Squares Top

I'm really happy how this came out and really proud that I hand quilted it myself (pieced on machine). In case you were wondering, I *did* sign up for a hand-quilting class come this April. But, you can't really see the hand-quilting detail on the front, so....

Modern Squares Back Close-Up

Although you can't really tell, I hand-quilted around each of the front squares with coordinating thread, so the back is filled with these squares of different colors.

And the full back, so you get the idea of scale:

Modern Squares Back

Although I can't claim it as a 2012 finish - it is the first quilt I finished completely for myself, so I wanted to show it off. Size-wise it is around a full, so it will make a great couch quilt and bedrunner size folded at the bottom of the guest bed, which will be its permanent home. If we ever get back to working on *that* room again!

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