Friday, August 10, 2012

12 for 2012 -- Summer Lull

So, although I'm still really excited about the 12 for 2012 concept, I have realized something for next year's 13 in 2013 -- summers are hard! In-between the school year ending and theatre productions and vacations, it's just hard to commit to a lot of projects. Add to that the fact that we've had one of the hottest (and driest) summers in the Northeast -- and the craft room has been really too hot to work in. Not to mention that it's a disaster currently, although it has been worse.

So far my progress has been good through to May. The summer months leave much to be desired though.

June - finish blocks for SIL present
July - Assemble very late wedding quilt topper
August - 2x blocks for birthday_blocks

I didn't get June and July done yet, but did get the birthday blocks done. Originally three needed, one member got dropped, so I only had to do 2, which I just finished.

The first block I finished was Kristel's Improv Block. I like how this one came out, but I should have been more scrappy when I was cutting I think.

Improv Block

The next block was Selina's 8-pointed Star Variation. I, like many quilters, dislike and have a problem lining up points. To that note, I have to say that this was one of my better attempts at doing that.

Seldear's Block

But, on another note, I did get a lot of bonus finishes in....

In May we started another BOM on LJ. This one was a little different in that 12 of us are each picking a block to do, so that's pretty fun.

{Remember my last BOM fiasco? About not liking my child? If not, or if you just need a chuckle, you can read about it here.}


Block 1 for 2012-2013 LJ BOM Project:

Round 5 - Block 1

Mini Pom & Pear:

Pom & Pear


Block 2 for 2012-2013 LJ BOM Project:

Round 5 - Block 2


Daffa Down Dilly (companion piece for Pathways)

Daffa Down Dilly Close


In addition to the 2 required Birthday Blocks for this month, I got caught up on the 2012-2013 LJ BOM Project and did both of the July and August blocks...

Block 3 for 2012-2013 LJ BOM Project:

Round 5 - Block 3

Block 4 for 2012-2013 LJ BOM Project:

Round 5 - Block 4

I feel good about the progress I've made because not only am I posting the Block 6 for the BOM, but my June 12 for 2012 project is almost done. All of the main blocks are done, I just need to do the finishing border, a bunch of flying geese and eight patches - so I'm hoping to get caught up on that before the end of the month. If not, then it's going to be hard to finish my 12 for 2012.

But, I got so many bonus projects done (not to mention a ton of canning) - that's got to count for something, right?!?

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