Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Year Three - Week Seven: Fruit Share Really Begins!

So, although we've received little treats earlier for being part of the fruit share, this is when it really started in full force. I didn't separate the fruit share items out this time, but will in future posts.

Week Seven

2 pts blueberries
1 large bunch chard
5 ears corn
2 green peppers
1 Daikon radish
1 handful green beans
3 tomatoes
1 bunch lemon basil
9 apples
1 eggplant

Blueberries: Breakfast and also made some blueberry jelly. That was the theme these week, I made three batches of jelly.

Chard: So much chard this year! So, I pulled out this lovely recipe from epicurious: Swiss Chard Lasagna with Ricotta and Mushrooms

Corn: Cooked it for dinner with the family.

Green Peppers: One was used in veggie pizza, the other was sacrificed to the kabob gods.

Green Beans: See above mentioned dinner with family. I picked more from the garden to supplement these.

Tomatoes: Tomato season is starting to get upon us rapidly. So, I am feeling a sauce/puree day coming up pretty soon...

Lemon Basil: Back to the Lemon-Lime jelly. One of the aforementioned three batches I made this week.

Apples: Lunches and applesauce is on the calendar, since the apple trees in the front yard are producing too now.

Eggplant: Cut up and used in kabobs.

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