Sunday, August 19, 2012

Year Three - Week Ten: Revenge of the Melons!!

Last week when we got our share, the muskmelon/cantaloupe was over-ripe. Like you couldn't eat it over-ripe. During the week we received an e-mail saying something along the lines that we weren't the only one - apparently there was a rash of complaints about the cantaloupe being over-ripe - and that they were working to fix the issue. Good news is that this week's cantaloupe wasn't *as* over-ripe and we got two watermelons too! I think it's going to be time to freeze some watermelon....

Week Ten

My dear friend Val picked up the share this week as I was in Baltimore, MD for the last of the summer vacations, so some things didn't survive the week (lettuce and basil were the casualties).

2 watermelon
1 muskmelon
1 QT peaches
1 QT plums
1 QT heirloom tomatoes
1 eggplant
2 banana peppers
1 zucchini
1 summer squash
1 handful wax beans
1 kohlrabi

Watermelon: 1 gifted and 1 frozen.

Muskmelon: Already cut up, hopefully for breakfast/desserts.

Peaches: Peach Pie.

Plums: In the BBQ sauce I mentioned last week.

Tomatoes: Canned & sauced.

Eggplant: Made eggplant fries. Much better this time, fried instead of baked.

Zucchini: Shredded and frozen.

Wax Beans: Steamed and eaten.

It's already Sunday and in two days there's another share to pick up! Oi! It'll be a busy cooking week here. I want to try eggplant fries again, I think I'll actually fry them this time, they evaporated in the oven when I tried to bake them last year....

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