Monday, August 20, 2012

Jam Exchange Results

So, this year I participated in my first Jam Exchange! I already am involved with two swaps (a fabric postcard swap and a birthday blocks swap, both on LiveJournal, but this was different.

steph chows jam exchange 2012

Ironically, I had met Steph before I connected the Steph who took pictures at my friend Val's wedding last year to the Steph from the blog stephchows. They are one and the same! So...Val sent me the link to her jam exchange. A couple of weeks later I am helping Val move and Steph is there - we connect faces with internet IDs.

So, sometime in August we are paired with our jam partner - mine was Allison. Having a *ton* of jam and jelly in the basement....

My goodies

(See? That is a lot more than the average person has on hand I think.) I was all ready to pick my jams and jellies.


I sent Allison 2-4oz jars (Pomegranate Jelly & Blueberry Jelly) and 3-8oz jars (Blackberry Lime Jelly, Concord Jelly and Lemon-Lime Jelly).

Today, I arrive home to find my package from Allison!

Jam Exchange 2012

She had sent two jars - One Carrot Cake and one Monkey Butter! I laughed when I got the Carrot Cake because that one was on my list to try - so I'm really excited to try it. She suggested that I use the Monkey Butter on a sandwich or ice cream, so I'm also pretty excited about that one, too!

Now, I look forward to next years Jam Exchange - you should sign up too!

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  1. OMG so much jam!! It was nice to meet you in person and I'm so happy you joining in on the jam fun!!