Tuesday, January 1, 2013

12 for 2012 Wrap-Up Post

First of all, I cannot express how accomplished I feel. Although I didn't get every thing on my list completed, in some ways, I got so much more done - so many bonus projects finished on top of the 12 for 2012. Two projects from 2012 will cross over to 2013, and only one of those because it was a late finish and I'll have to sew a binding. Overall, I'm really happy.

In case you don't want to slog through all the details and the long picture-heavy post, here's a slideshow! My bonus projects are in the slideshow below, but not discussed in detail after the show - so enjoy!

January - Wedding Wall Hanging Present
February - Valentine's Wall Hanging + 1 birthday_blocks
March - 3 x blocks for birthday_blocks
April - Finish 2011 BOM top
May - 2x blocks for birthday_blocks
June - finish blocks for SIL present
July - Assemble very late wedding quilt topper
August - 3x blocks for birthday_blocks
September - cut t-shirts for very late t-shirt quilt top
October - 2x blocks for birthday_blocks

November - Finish 2010 birthday_blocks quilt
December - finish t-shirt topper from September

So, now the lengthy post with words and pictures. Summarized from previous posts for the most part, so you won't find anything terribly new here.



This was the wedding present for my friend Val and her husband, Brian. I was lucky enough to participate in their October of 2011 wedding and had this finished in time for their return from their honeymoon.


Valentine's Wallhanging

First up in February was this wall-hanging that I had started the summer of 2011. All it needed was to have the buttons sewn on and to have the binding done, so for February, it became a finished project. Many of the buttons were antique inherited buttons, so this is one of my sentimental favorites from this year.

Carilea's Block

Although some may consider it cheating, I don't! This was a block for a quilting swap that I moderate over on LiveJournal. This was Cari's block and she asked for a red, white and black block.


Three more blocks for the Birthday Blocks Swap.... Marissa's, Ralu's and Mary's (2 blocks).... so it's really 4 total blocks....

MKissa's Block

Blueskyeyez Block

Mary's Shooting Star

Shooting Star 2


2010-2011 BOM Top

I finished this top. Then I began to promptly hate it. (You can read all about my struggle with this piece and myself here.) Needless to say, I finally brought it to my "Finish That Damn Project" sewing day at my LFS and donated it to members of a local guild to finish off and donate to whatever project they find fits. I'm glad it will do some good in the world....far away from me!


Two more Birthday Blocks, Aalia's and Lisa's ....

Strips & Squares

Beach House



The theme of 2012 really was Birthday Blocks projects, as I had three Birthday Blocks quilts on my list (2010, 2011 and 2012). This was 2011's blocks I requested and it was supposed to be for my sister-in-law. Now she and my brother are divorcing and I have a homeless quilt. I really like this one now. I just may keep it until a good home presents itself to me....


2012 Top Complete

2012's Birthday Blocks. This quilt will receive its own post hopefully sometime in February when it is gifted. I will tell you that it is now quilted, backed, bound and labeled and ready to be given to the recipients.


Two more birthday blocks... Selina's and Kristel's....

Seldear's Block

Improv Block


There's no picture for this one. It was to cut t-shirts for a late t-shirt quilt. I went to get out the shirts and they were already cut! Go me for being productive!


Two more birthday blocks. Julie's and Cat's. Bringing the Birthday Blocks to a close.

Jules' Block

Cat's Block


Also not a picture of this one as it will be a carry-over project, to finish my 2010 Birthday Blocks quilt. The top and back are now done and waiting for the long-armer, so this will be a 2013 finish for sure.


So, the goal was to finish the t-shirt quilt, but I didn't. I didn't even get it laid out. What I did do though was finish 4 more quilts so that they could head to the long-armer, so they are in a pile waiting for her. So, I think that is as good as an excuse as any as to why I didn't get it done in 2012.


Now....time to consider 2013! Who's in? I have 9 projects already on my list. I think I can fill in the rest with Birthday Blocks, right?


  1. Lots of good stuff! (Especially love those birch trees! And the swirly trees!)

    I'm impressed you can plan projects through the whole year! I'm forever coming up with new things and getting distracted... : ) I currently have 2 new quilts (with deadlines), 3 quilts to finish, 1 art quilt I want to do, 1 class, and one BOM. Somehow I think I'll end up adding more to that pile... ^_^

  2. I just cull from my overdue projects, things I've had laying around or kitted up for forever. Being that I'm highly crafty ADHD I do tend to start more than I finish. But, I'm also highly motivated by list checking, so it definitely works for me!

    This says nothing about the classes, new swaps and things I'll start, but the goal is to finish more than I start and don't finish!