Saturday, January 5, 2013

13 in 2013

Due to my massive success in my 12 for 2012 goals, I've moved on to 2013, finally picking my projects. There are more than 13 here, but the goal is to complete at least 13 of them. I learned from last year, so hopefully my months are better structured. I've added Birthday Blocks as bonuses as I can really churn those out in a weekend and really tried to list the "main" project first, those things I've been putting off forever.

To 2013!

January - Finish Alex's blanket/Ben's pillowcases
February - Finish Apache Wedding Blessing/Two Birthday Blocks
March - Finish Craft Room Cushions/Two Birthday Blocks
April - Finish Book Bag
May - Finish Curtains for Upstairs Window/Two Birthday Blocks
June - Finish 1 Antique Quilt Top
July - Finish Stack and Whack Quilt/Two Birthday Blocks
August - Finish Overdue T-Shirt Quilt (2012 Goal)/Two Birthday Blocks
September - Finish Fall Leaves Top/Cut Pieces for Fall Leaves Back
October - Start Cutting/Dying Scraps for Latchhook Rug
November - Finish Fall Leaves Quilt (if back from longarmer)
December - Finish Red Crochet Scrumble Blanket

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