Sunday, January 27, 2013

13 for 2013 - January Update

January was an easy month for me as I wanted to get a couple of projects that have been sitting around out of the way.

First up, Alex's blanket. It was fleece and easy, I just had to *make* the time to get it done. That's what these projects are all about, making the time to finish some things.

Alex's Blanket

And since I was sending something to Alex, I couldn't neglect his older brother, Ben, who I had already made a blanket a couple of years ago. For the older, some more mature, Star Wars pillowcases.

Ben's Pillowcases

I also have a couple of bonus finishes, but those will come in a separate post. Onto February!


  1. That's a pretty great Star Wars print, less tacky than most fandom related fabrics are, you know?

  2. Yeah, I really like that one. Although the kid is younger (around 8), I really thought that was the best choice. Plus, he loves green!