Sunday, March 31, 2013

13 for 2013 - March Finished!

In my previous post, I already covered the other March projects, stating that I had the cushions to cover in my craft room seating area. Even although I still have to finish a lot of the closures and sew on snaps and things, I'm counting them done! I have mixed feelings about them because I rushed and they aren't as put together as I would have liked. On the other hand, I love the variety and the colors and am very glad that I was able to use up some extra stash fabric that has been waiting for a lovely use.

Seating Close

Yes, those walls are peach. I don't know why, they just had to be. Peach is the color the room told me it wanted to be. So, I listened, and I really do love it. The room is also really hard to photograph. It has three windows so is either washed out or too shadowy depending on where the sun is in the sky at the moment of picture taking.

Right Side Close

Here's Eeyore. He sits on the right. The blue cover here was the first one I did. It has an invisible zipper closure and really fits snugly. This was actually the first fabric I picked out for cushions and the piece that it was built around.

Right Side Out

Here's Eeyore in relation to the rest. This is the back (left, North) wall of the craft room. There is a window just to the right near the harp (yes, I can play - no, I don't play well). Above Eeyore's side is the Dracolair Creations phoenix that I finished last year. This is my favorite piece of cross-stitch that I've completed thus far - and doesn't it go great on that peach wall? ;)

Left Side Close

Here's Fury on the left side of the seating area. Here you really can see all my closure issues. The invisible zipper on the green cushion is visible, the back bottom cushion cover isn't quite long enough to fasten and the back pillow has more of a pillow case on it.

Left Side Out

Above Fury is my other phoenix artwork, done by Sophie Blackall for her Missed Connections series of artwork. I just love it!

Full Seating Corner

A full shot for the complete effect, of course! This picture tells me that I really need to cull through my crafting books and tune my harp. What it doesn't tell all of *you* though is how incredibly comfy it is and how excited I am to actually have a place to sit, stitch, read, crochet, sketch, and create.

Onto April!!

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