Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Very Last 12 for 2012 Post - I Promise!

In addition to the last post about the Very Late Wedding Quilt, I had one more quilt that I had hoped to finish in 2012. This was started again in the Birthday Blocks swap over on LiveJournal. I had finished the top as part of the 12 for 2012 list, see this post.

It's done now though!

2011 Swap Finish

Although not in my colors at all, this quilt has certainly grown on me and is quickly becoming a favorite. I wish you only could see better the detail in the quilting that the woman who does my quilting for me managed with this pattern.

You can kind of see it here. At least you can see it the best here, but it really is lovely.

2011 Finish Border Detail

Made up of hourglasses,

2011 Finish Hourglass Detail

and nine-patch blocks,

2011 Finish Nine-Patch Detail

My goal for this quilt was scrappy. Although I've never been too proficient in the "scrappy" look - I think I nailed it with this one!

And, of course, the back. Simple and done!

2011 Back Detail

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  1. I'm digging the scrapiness of this one. Pink and brown is not my favorite combo, but I do like all the movement. ^_^