Saturday, June 1, 2013

2013 Garden - Garden Shot Saturday

This year, in addition to my "Food Friday" posts, I decided to add a Garden Shot Saturday. This is the third garden at the farm house, but the second really successful one. The first year was a dug up plot in the backyard that didn't amount to anything actually coming out of it. The second year was a combination of seeds, seedlings and the "surprise" part of gardening; since we use our own organic compost mix that we make from kitchen scraps, sometimes you get seeds that don't break down. So, last year, I had a wide variety of random tomatoes, cucumbers and even a couple muskmelon that came up!

This year's garden consists of:

3 types of peas (snow, snap, shell)
3 types of beans (green, black, edamame)
3 peppers (all bell, different colors)
3 types of tomatoes (paste, eating, cherry)
2 eggplants
cucumbers (I know most are cucumbers!)
18 hills of corn (sugar)
lettuce mix

In addition to all that, there is a variety of fruit on property.

crazy amounts of wild grapes
13 apple trees (a mix, three are crabapple for the birds) - all producing
5 pear trees (new, non-producing yet)
12 rhubarb plants (non-producing yet)
a plethora of wild long blackberries
2 red raspberries (domesticated)
2 mulberry trees (1 producing, 1 non-producing)
1 cherry tree (red and sour, 50+ years old)

And now, for my favorite part, the pictures. Ideally, this will be a weekly post, detailing the growth in the garden.

The garden as it stands now. It's pretty large, 10x20 I'd say without measuring.

2013 Garden Full

From L->R: Peas (1 row), Beans (2 rows), 3 Peppers (in the back)

Peas and Beans

Tomatoes and Eggplant

Tomatoes & Eggplant



Everything Else

Everything Else!

Front to back it is: Radishes and Carrots (front row), dill (middle), spinach and lettuce mix (third row), corn (vertical rows in back)

Now, the fruit trees/plants:

Wild Grapes/Frost Grapes

Baby Wild Grapes



Blackberries Abound!

Bumper Crop


Baby Cherry


Baby Apples


Baby Mulberries

Seeing it all laid out like this, I really understand how easily I get so busy with food prep and storage from July-October. I can't wait to show you next week's growth! Also, tune in soon for the return of Food Fridays as the CSA Season starts!

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