Sunday, June 9, 2013

Week Two - Garden Shot Saturday...on a Sunday!

Oi. Since the first pictures it has rained...and rained...and rained here in the Northeast. It had just stopped *raining* and was more misting when I got on the garden enough to take these pictures. I almost had to call for rescue as the "wet part" of the garden was very like quicksand and I almost got stuck in the muck!

So, I'm just going to show you the things that have changed. No sense in re-inventing the wheel again...


My beans were the first things to come up. They're planted on both sides of the garden netting because last year, I learned that black beans climb. I've also been burned previously by so-called "bush" beans that end up climbing anyway, so I just usually give them something to climb to begin with.


The peas have started to come in slowly. I think I have three or so, but I'm sure the rest will come up eventually too.

Pepper Blossom

The peppers have some blossoms.

Yet They Blossom

So do the tomatoes. Despite being chewed on/off by something....I'm not sure what. I've never seen something come and lop tomato tops off like that.

Who's Been Eating My Tomatoes?

So odd....


I'm hoping that this turns out to be some dill....


Those are definitely radishes. Hopefully I'll see some carrots emerge too. Then it'll be time for some thinning out.


The cucumbers don't seem to mind the rain at all though. Which is awesome. I can't wait until they start climbing!

Apple Blush

The apples continue to grow and some varieties are starting to turn a little red.

Cherry Blush

As does the occasional cherry.

Berry Blast

The blackberries are in all their glory and in full bloom. I hope this rain tapers off - then we'll have a bumper crop!


Especially with the help of all our honeybees (rather, our neighbor's)!

Here's to a week with less rain (according to forecast) and more garden growth!

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