Monday, June 17, 2013

Week Three - Garden Shot Saturday...on a Monday this time!

These garden shot Saturdays just keep getting later and later. It's Mother Nature's fault, I swear. Things have been so wet in upstate NY this year. As I type this, we've actually gone 24 hours without rain, given a brief shower yesterday. I'm hoping it keeps drying out a little, because most garden things aren't happy at the moment because they've actually had *too much* water!

Ready to Thin Out

The radishes are getting really close to being ready to be thinned out. I'm hoping if it stays dry this week, next weekend's picture will be of thinned out radishes. I planted carrots in with them, but haven't seen any carrot seedlings yet. Here's to hoping...

Definitely Dill

The dill is just starting to come up. It's very cute and I tried to weed it out the best I could. I'm glad I planted dill this year because.....

Biggest Thing so Far

The cucumbers are the only thing that has been *loving* all of this rain. They look amazing so far. This means, at the moment, I need to plan on making some more pickles. Bread and Butter most of all.

Pea Stretch

I have a handful of pea plants. Most of them are underwater. Next year, I'll plant rice, I swear. By doing this, it will not rain and we will be in drought conditions, I figure!

Both Sides Now

The beans are growing on both sides of the fencing now and are looking pretty good. If it dries out, I'll hopefully have some blossoms by this weekend.

Pepper Pregnancy?

The bottommost pepper leaves are starting to turn yellow, which means they are water logged. I'm not sure how many peppers I will get because I think the rain kept the bees away, but this is something else I hope a few dry days will cure as well.


I'm not sure what to expect from the eggplant. This looks like a spent blossom, hopefully?

Still wilted.

The tomatoes are still wilted, but there are blossoms that remain. Like the peppers, I'm hoping a few dry days improve their situation.

Compost Onions?

Some compost onions have sprouted up.


The cherries seem to be turning right on schedule. Unfortunately, so much rain has led to some early drop and some spoiling on the tree. I would love enough for a pie, but that is really questionable at this point.

Apple Growth

The apples seem to be growing well. I swear every day they are getting larger. Some branches are bending to the ground and I really think I should be tending to them and picking off some baby apples that are not forming. That's what June drop is for though, right?

Grape Babies

The wild grapes also seem to like the rain. After a week of nothing new, they finally appear to be growing. They won't be ready 'til fall though, so they have plenty of time!

Baby Berry

The blackberries are beginning to form. Yet another plant that needs some sun sooner than later.

Mulberry Blushing

The mulberries are also just starting to turn. The rain hasn't hurt them to speak of. I just don't remember if they are the white ones or the more traditional purple ones. I guess another time will tell item for the list....

Wednesday I get to pick up the first share of the 2013 Summer Share Season. I still think I'm going to post on Food Friday, but we'll have to see. Two more days, I can't wait!

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