Friday, August 19, 2011

CSA Year Two - Week 9

Week Nine! Halfway through the CSA Season. :( That means only 9 more weeks of lovely, organic fruits and veggies provided by local farmers. Looking at their website, I am seriously considering the winter share.

Week Nine Veggies

2 cucumbers
1 bunch beets
1 onion
3 tomatoes *they had a sign that said take as many as you want, but I have so many tomatoes already put up from the last couple of years I don't need to do many this year!*
1 bell pepper
1 head broccoli
2 zucchini
1 handful each: dill, basil, rosemary
4 small heads lettuce

So, plans for the week. It's nice to be back on and have plans *before* I use these things.

Cucumber: Well, there are always pickle options. I need to put up more Bread-n-Butter pickles and probably should do some Icicle pickles. So, if Dad brings more, then there will be pickles. If not, I am craving an Asian style cucumber salad with really sliced thin cucumber noodles.

Beets: A while ago when I had beets I said I was going to do Beet Tzatziki. But I didn't. So I am planning on doing that tomorrow. I am looking forward to eating it on pita chips.

Onion: If I end up making the aforementioned Bread-n-Butter pickles, then the onion will go in those. If not then I'll use it in other things throughout the week. Onion is one of those vegetables I am not a fan of, but am making peace with in my older age...

Tomatoes: Salads. Also possibly a summer vegetable pizza. I like that idea a lot. :)

Pepper: See above.

Broccoli: Another thing coming out my ears. Steamed.

Zucchini: I am definitely in for this summer vegetable pizza. Maybe with sausage.

Lettuce: Salads.

Herbs: Dill, Basil, Rosemary: General use. I really should start drying these if I don't use them in time. Hmmm.....

Week Nine Fruits

This picture totally reminds me of the whole "eat a rainbow" idea. I have my red, orange, yellow, green here...

1 muskmelon *fruit share item*
4 early apples: *Yes, I know there is only 3 pictured. One didn't survive the car ride home!*
10 red plums *fruit share item*
6 nectarines *fruit share item*
4 peaches

Muskmelon/Cantaloupe: Cut it up and bring it for lunch. Yum. I think I remember this being my favorite melon when I was little, but I could be wrong. I still really enjoy it.

Apples: Lunch

Red Plums: I am not sure on this one. They are not very sweet, so I shall consult some recipes. Maybe some sort of plum butter?

Nectarines: I have already eaten 2 since they were really ripe ones. Sprinkled with a little sugar and a little chocolate soy milk. Delicious.

Peaches: I am possibly feeling another tart. I am a fan of a good tart. Requires less fruit and crust than a pie. I am thinking of brandied peaches and walnuts. I will think on that some more. :)

For some reason, this didn't seem like as much as Week Eight, but I can't explain it. Probably due to the fact that it is almost 1AM and I have a very busy day ahead of me in the kitchen tomorrow....

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