Sunday, September 4, 2011

CSA Year Two -- Week Ten!

After last week, every week now is met with a little pang of sadness as the end of the CSA Spring/Summer season I was typing this, a flock of geese either flew overhead, or someone was driving down the road playing the sound of geese honking...either way, Fall is starting to come to the air, slowly, first greeting us in the cooler mornings and evenings.

Enough waxing poetic here....

I know these posts are later, but I've been enjoying making the food first and then telling you what I *really* ended up doing with it. Hopefully next year, there will be more recipes and such involved. Or evolved, as it will hopefully do.

On with the show...

Week Ten Fruit

There has been so much fruit in the fruit share that I have honestly stopped counting all the plums and nectarines and such. There were:

Apples: Early Yellow and Sweet Yellow
Peaches: There have been two kinds, regular sweet and white peaches
Plums: Also, two kinds of plums, small, sweet purple and larger yellow, sometimes red ones.

Apples: Apples mainly got made into applesauce. Cut, cook. Can't get any easier than that. A couple left over for lunches.

Peaches: Were used in a very yummy peach crisp. Anything extra is being saved for some Southern Spiced Pickled Peaches. Cardamom, Cloves & Peaches. Need I say more really?

Plums: Having stockpiled enough plums, I attempted to make Plum Preserves. It didn't really gel that well though, so I wrote on the label, "Plum Sauce". Ha - so there!

Nectarines: One of my favorite fruits for breakfast/lunch in the summer. Just because I haven't come across anything else to do with them very successfully.

Now, onto the veggies and some fruits that are part of the regular share....

Week Ten

1 handful each of herbs: Rosemary, Flat-Leaf Parsley, Cilantro
1 PT. heirloom little tomatoes
2 large green bell peppers
4 peaches
2 generous handfuls green and yellow beans
4 small heads lettuce
1 muskmelon
3 tomatoes
4 ears corn
3 apples

Herbs: Rosemary and Cilantro use as is. Parsley may get chopped and added to some Spaghetti Sauce I intend to can; mainly because I am tired of canning tomatoes plain.

Heirloom Tomatoes: Salads. Or by the handful. Same difference really.

Peppers: Salads and canning add-in. I know I need to make more Green Tomato (Hotdog) Relish. I am completely out.

Peaches: See above. Crisp and Spiced.

Beans: Steamed and drizzled with olive oil, rosemary and garlic salt. Yes, I use garlic salt. Often, but judiciously.

Lettuce: Salads. One of the best things about doing this CSA this year, and not being able to have a full garden, I now know what I don't need to plant next year. I do not need to plant lettuce at all! Peas though, for sure.

Muskmelon: Sliced and chopped for lunches and a picnic with friends.

Tomatoes: Salads, canning and whatever else.

Corn: Eaten as is, but cooked. Although I am getting the urge to do a corn salsa-relish thing...

Apples: Aforementioned applesauce. Although now I am thinking apple pie, since I made peach crisp already. I also know that I may can some applesauce as the trees in front of the house are pretty stung. Anyone know any organic ways to avoid that?

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