Sunday, September 4, 2011

CSA Year Two -- Week Eleven

This Week's Theme: Many things old, some things new....

Week Eleven Fruit

The fruit share continues to be the usual combination of:

Peaches, Plums and Nectarines

It is a good thing that I like all of these, but I do hope for some variety. Like some fall raspberries would be excellent. Although if I really wanted them that badly, I could just drive up the road and do some pick-your-own action...

As for what I plan to do, see last week. :) Yeah, I'm lazy, but seriously, that is the plan.

Week Eleven

As for veggies and such, we saw a return of some old things and some new things, like lemon balm and potatoes! If I had to pick one vegetable - and only one, it would probably be the potato. Seriously. So versatile.

1 eggplant
1 muskmelon
1 hand each: Curly Parsley & Lemon Balm
1 onion
1 large leek
1 yellow summer squash
1 handful end-of-season beans
4 small heads lettuce
12 adorable potatoes
4 cute pickling cukes
2 large cucumbers
4 early apples
4 peaches

Eggplant: Have one left over from a couple of weeks ago, so I am thinking Eggplant Parmesan Casserole. Trying to go as meatless as possible based on what is in the fridge. Sounds yum to me.

Muskmelon: The usual. Lunch, breakfast.

Lemon Balm: This was an awesome surprise! So, I decided to alter the Lime-Mint Jelly (aka. Mojito Jelly) I made earlier and make it Lemon-Lime Jelly (with a hint of mint). It takes like Sprite in jelly form, seriously! I was really nervous though because it didn't set right away, and took more than 24hrs. It looks like it won't set as nicely as the last batch, but as long as it's not syrupy, I think I can handle it.

Parsley: More sauce and in the Eggplant Parm. I also just love chewing on it to be completely honest. I'm one of those weird people who eat their garnish if I get served some in a restaurant.

Onion: In canned things, I'm sure. Sauce and Relish require onions.

Leek: When I first touched the leek, my first thought was "Soup!". I'm not really sure why...but a Potato-Leek soup might be yummy since the temperatures are supposed to drop....maybe with some crumbled bacon on top...

Summer Squash: Probably the one vegetable I could happily live without. It was good on the summer pizza. This one may have the same fate.

Beans: I'm not sure on these. They are definitely end-of-season beans. They were extra and I won't feel bad if they go right out to the compost pile.

Lettuce: Rewind and repeat. How about I'll just tell you if I actually do anything different with it?

Potatoes: Salt some of the smaller ones. I think the rest may get themselves in this potato-leek-bacon soup I am envisioning...

Pickling Cukes: I eat these whole. Seriously. When I don't put them on salads.

Large Cukes: I am feeling a cucumber salad, Asian style with cucumber noodles.

Apples: Apple pie. And canned sauce. How about I just don't leave the kitchen for the next couple of weeks?

Peaches: See last week. And most weeks before. These will probably be canned along with some I grab from the stand I can walk to from the house....

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  1. I so wish I could get one of these up here, and there are even several farms in the area who do CSA but most of them have drop offs 1+ hours transit ride away from me (and I don't have a car), so I haven't figured out a way to swing it just yet. Maybe next year.