Sunday, April 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday -- Update - FINISH!!

In my very FIRST WIP Wednesday post I showed you a polar bear cross-stitch piece I had been working on for ... I dunno ... at *least* 10 years. So, it returned from the framer's on Thursday, so here it is!
Polar Bear Framed
Despite the cost of getting it framed, this will be a winter decoration piece - I don't think I can look at polar bears year round. Maybe again, that's just me. But, since it's finished, here's some more pictures of it. :)
Polar Bear Framed Face Detail
And, since I can't get enough of those little bear cubs....
Polar Bear Framed Cubs Detail
I've been on a stitching kick lately and have gotten a lot done on some other pieces too. Those I'll actually post on Wednesday, for next week's WIP Wednesday. Since my April 12 for 2012 is already finished, I'll probably have some bonus finishes/early finishes for May in a couple weeks too!

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