Friday, August 31, 2012

Year Three - Week Eleven: The Soup Share!

More than halfway through the CSA season and still going strong!

Week Eleven

1 small head lettuce
1 large bunch kale
2 onions
9 small potatoes
5 apples
6 ears corn
2 green peppers

I call this the soup share because I finally got to use most of this share to make my co-teachers kale soup recipe that I've had since the beginning of the season. We had some kale left over from a previous week, so I threw that in too.

Lettuce: The usual

Kale: The aforementioned kale soup

Onions: Used 1 in kale soup, used the second in spaghetti sauce

Potatoes: Used all of them in the kale soup.

Apples: Lunches and applesauce.

Corn: Had the folks out and did it on the grill.

Peppers: Used one in salad, second in spaghetti sauce.

And the fruit share.....

Week Eleven Fruit

1 cantaloupe: Made melon sorbet

1 QT plums: More plum BBQ sauce ...

10 apples: More applesauce ....


  1. Melon sorbet...this is brilliant. Now I am eyeing all that extra cantaloupe we have in a new way. Thanks! : )

    1. It turned out great! Consistency was very much like a cross between a granita and a sorbet, and delicious!