Sunday, September 25, 2011

CSA Year Two -- Week Thirteen

I'm going to try and power through three weeks' worth today, so here we go!

Week Thirteen Fruit

Fruit Share
Pears, Apples, Plums: Other than putting up some apple sauce, See the previous week. Yes, seriously. I'm only going to waste your time telling you about the new things I'm going to do. :)

Week Thirteen

1 handful lettuce
3 tomatoes (hiding again)
1 handful green beans (I don't remember getting green beans this late in the season, but I won't complain!)
4 beets
2 small summer squash
2 large cucumbers
1 butternut squash
4 peppers (two each red/green)
4 Gala apples
4 peaches
1 handful each parsley & rosemary

Lettuce: Salads. Eat at least one, sometimes two a week for dinner.

Tomatoes: In aforementioned salads and I am feeling a pesto/veggie pizza.

Green Beans: Possibly in a stir-fry since there aren't a ton of these, just a small handful.

Beets: Same as last week, but I'm kind of feeling another stab at a grain based salad, I just have to make sure that they are *really* cooked thoroughly this time.

Summer Squash:I am definitely on board with this summer/fall/pesto/veggie pizza idea...

Cucumbers: They're large and I'm tired of cucumber noodles. I think probably back to salads. I should also try to snack on them.

Butternut Squash: Usually I just cook this and make broth out of it, or puree it. But I am actually trying to think of a soup with some sausage and croutons in it for this one...

Peppers: There are tons of these right now. I think I may try and freeze some this year.

Apples: Gala are one of my favorite varieties of apple. So lunches.

Peaches: The peaches are already canned. In the yummy cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, clove syrup.

Herbs: I use Rosemary in everything. Probably on the pizza. I have to say I am getting parsley overload though, a little tired of it. :-\

Now I'm only one down....I *will* get caught up by the end of the day, I'm determined.....

CSA Year Two - Week Twelve

September is a rough month. School starts again, so I have to get back into the swing of that, and canning season is in full swing. At the end of the summer CSA season and before the Winter Share! starts, I'll show you everything I've put up this year, since so much of it came from the CSA this year.

Anywho, since I'm already like three weeks behind....

Week Twelve Fruit Share

Fruit Share
Watermelon: I haven't used it yet. Will be eating it for lunch, just have to get around to cut it. I also saw a recipe for watermelon jelly, and I'm intrigued. And I say jelly like Jell-o, not like "put on bread" jelly.

Nectarines: They said nectarines, they looked like nectarines, but when I cut them, they smelled and tasted a little like peaches. So, they got canned with the peaches. I did a spiced peach with cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and allspice. I hope they turn out as yummy as they smelled.

Autumn Crisp Apples: I haven't really made an apple pie yet, so I did that. With some craisins. It was so good, I think I'll make another one - It *is* apple season here afterall....

Week Twelve

a handful of different lettuce
3 tomatoes (they are hiding under the pears and behind the herbs)
1 head cabbage
4 beets (also hiding)
1 small bunch celery
1 white eggplant
2 green peppers
4 ears corn
8 potatoes (also hiding)
1 small bunch scallions
5 Bartlett pears
1 pt plums
1 handful each: basil & oregano

Tomatoes: Salads and possibly can them. It depends on how many I can get off of my bushes as well.

Cabbage: No clue. I am not a cabbage fan and I don't really like coleslaw. I am thinking something with pork. I'll have to consult my sous-chef, Google. ;-)

Beets: Roasted and cooked well. The weird thing is that I really like pickled beets, but don't get them in enough quantity to actually can them like this. Plus, I don't eat *that* many of them!

Celery: Have I told you that I love eating celery by the handful? I do. So, this will get trimmed and put in a cup of water. I'm pretty good at snacking on it instead of other things if I know I have it on hand.

Eggplant: I've been dying to making eggplant fries. So that is what I did. And I cooked them too high for too long. It was like eating air. I think I am going to try again if another eggplant arrives.

Peppers: Salads, stir-fry, sauce. Whatever. I will also eat this raw. Mainly when I'm cooking other things.

Corn: The usual. Cooked and eaten. Nothing new because I love corn just the way it is.

Potatoes: Salted and garlic smashed.

Scallions: The usual all-purpose uses.

Pears: Lunches. I love pears. I want to can some, but I'm not sure these will last that long...

Plums: Lunches and snacks.

Herbs: All purpose uses. If I have them fresh, I snip and throw them in whatever I'm cooking.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

CSA Year Two -- Week Eleven

This Week's Theme: Many things old, some things new....

Week Eleven Fruit

The fruit share continues to be the usual combination of:

Peaches, Plums and Nectarines

It is a good thing that I like all of these, but I do hope for some variety. Like some fall raspberries would be excellent. Although if I really wanted them that badly, I could just drive up the road and do some pick-your-own action...

As for what I plan to do, see last week. :) Yeah, I'm lazy, but seriously, that is the plan.

Week Eleven

As for veggies and such, we saw a return of some old things and some new things, like lemon balm and potatoes! If I had to pick one vegetable - and only one, it would probably be the potato. Seriously. So versatile.

1 eggplant
1 muskmelon
1 hand each: Curly Parsley & Lemon Balm
1 onion
1 large leek
1 yellow summer squash
1 handful end-of-season beans
4 small heads lettuce
12 adorable potatoes
4 cute pickling cukes
2 large cucumbers
4 early apples
4 peaches

Eggplant: Have one left over from a couple of weeks ago, so I am thinking Eggplant Parmesan Casserole. Trying to go as meatless as possible based on what is in the fridge. Sounds yum to me.

Muskmelon: The usual. Lunch, breakfast.

Lemon Balm: This was an awesome surprise! So, I decided to alter the Lime-Mint Jelly (aka. Mojito Jelly) I made earlier and make it Lemon-Lime Jelly (with a hint of mint). It takes like Sprite in jelly form, seriously! I was really nervous though because it didn't set right away, and took more than 24hrs. It looks like it won't set as nicely as the last batch, but as long as it's not syrupy, I think I can handle it.

Parsley: More sauce and in the Eggplant Parm. I also just love chewing on it to be completely honest. I'm one of those weird people who eat their garnish if I get served some in a restaurant.

Onion: In canned things, I'm sure. Sauce and Relish require onions.

Leek: When I first touched the leek, my first thought was "Soup!". I'm not really sure why...but a Potato-Leek soup might be yummy since the temperatures are supposed to drop....maybe with some crumbled bacon on top...

Summer Squash: Probably the one vegetable I could happily live without. It was good on the summer pizza. This one may have the same fate.

Beans: I'm not sure on these. They are definitely end-of-season beans. They were extra and I won't feel bad if they go right out to the compost pile.

Lettuce: Rewind and repeat. How about I'll just tell you if I actually do anything different with it?

Potatoes: Salt some of the smaller ones. I think the rest may get themselves in this potato-leek-bacon soup I am envisioning...

Pickling Cukes: I eat these whole. Seriously. When I don't put them on salads.

Large Cukes: I am feeling a cucumber salad, Asian style with cucumber noodles.

Apples: Apple pie. And canned sauce. How about I just don't leave the kitchen for the next couple of weeks?

Peaches: See last week. And most weeks before. These will probably be canned along with some I grab from the stand I can walk to from the house....

CSA Year Two -- Week Ten!

After last week, every week now is met with a little pang of sadness as the end of the CSA Spring/Summer season I was typing this, a flock of geese either flew overhead, or someone was driving down the road playing the sound of geese honking...either way, Fall is starting to come to the air, slowly, first greeting us in the cooler mornings and evenings.

Enough waxing poetic here....

I know these posts are later, but I've been enjoying making the food first and then telling you what I *really* ended up doing with it. Hopefully next year, there will be more recipes and such involved. Or evolved, as it will hopefully do.

On with the show...

Week Ten Fruit

There has been so much fruit in the fruit share that I have honestly stopped counting all the plums and nectarines and such. There were:

Apples: Early Yellow and Sweet Yellow
Peaches: There have been two kinds, regular sweet and white peaches
Plums: Also, two kinds of plums, small, sweet purple and larger yellow, sometimes red ones.

Apples: Apples mainly got made into applesauce. Cut, cook. Can't get any easier than that. A couple left over for lunches.

Peaches: Were used in a very yummy peach crisp. Anything extra is being saved for some Southern Spiced Pickled Peaches. Cardamom, Cloves & Peaches. Need I say more really?

Plums: Having stockpiled enough plums, I attempted to make Plum Preserves. It didn't really gel that well though, so I wrote on the label, "Plum Sauce". Ha - so there!

Nectarines: One of my favorite fruits for breakfast/lunch in the summer. Just because I haven't come across anything else to do with them very successfully.

Now, onto the veggies and some fruits that are part of the regular share....

Week Ten

1 handful each of herbs: Rosemary, Flat-Leaf Parsley, Cilantro
1 PT. heirloom little tomatoes
2 large green bell peppers
4 peaches
2 generous handfuls green and yellow beans
4 small heads lettuce
1 muskmelon
3 tomatoes
4 ears corn
3 apples

Herbs: Rosemary and Cilantro use as is. Parsley may get chopped and added to some Spaghetti Sauce I intend to can; mainly because I am tired of canning tomatoes plain.

Heirloom Tomatoes: Salads. Or by the handful. Same difference really.

Peppers: Salads and canning add-in. I know I need to make more Green Tomato (Hotdog) Relish. I am completely out.

Peaches: See above. Crisp and Spiced.

Beans: Steamed and drizzled with olive oil, rosemary and garlic salt. Yes, I use garlic salt. Often, but judiciously.

Lettuce: Salads. One of the best things about doing this CSA this year, and not being able to have a full garden, I now know what I don't need to plant next year. I do not need to plant lettuce at all! Peas though, for sure.

Muskmelon: Sliced and chopped for lunches and a picnic with friends.

Tomatoes: Salads, canning and whatever else.

Corn: Eaten as is, but cooked. Although I am getting the urge to do a corn salsa-relish thing...

Apples: Aforementioned applesauce. Although now I am thinking apple pie, since I made peach crisp already. I also know that I may can some applesauce as the trees in front of the house are pretty stung. Anyone know any organic ways to avoid that?